The philosophy here is that thought ranges so much, so why shouldn’t the movies we make. Another focus is to show talent, we feel that talent needs to be shown.

Our Motto here at Twined-Vine: “Talent needs to be shown”

We started our first day of filming for “You Know” and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am truly lucky to be working with some amazing people. Christina Marie Leonard and Olivia Johnson Thank you for playing today! Thank you Barry Dunne for holding the mic, and looking like a game show host; that is all I ask from you…lol Thanks to Daniel Grzeskowiak and Rebecca Fennell Grzeskowiak for letting us use your apartment, and making me feel so welcomed there!!

Small tip for actors and actresses. Learn to Love auditions, even if you don’t get the one you wanted. Keep the thrust to do it again, you do that and the nerves disappear. Plus, you won’t be waiting to hear back from someone, because sometimes they just don’t call you or email you back. (you have to figure out what happened by yourself) Search for next one as soon as your done with that one on that day.